Save Desolation Sound Society

Save Desolation Sound Society is a not for profit organization aimed at protecting the pristine natural environment of Desolation Sound, British Columbia.

Established in 2016 by a group of concerned citizens – local residents, outdoor enthusiasts and other people who deeply love Desolation Sound – the society believes this spectacular, natural environment is irreplaceable and should be protected.

By raising awareness and taking action against potential environmental threats to the area, Save Desolation Sound strives to protect this area for generations to come.

In the spring and summer of 2016, Save Desolation Sound was raising awareness about a proposed gravel pit that could have extracted up to 70 million tons of gravel from Desolation Sound and potentially impact the natural environment and local tourism industry. In August 2016, Save Desolation Sound Society was informed that Lehigh Hanson Materials Ltd., the company looking to conduct investigative activities for the gravel pit, would not pursue the extraction of aggregate at the Lloyd Creek site adjacent to Desolation Sound Marine Park.

As of April 2019, a new application for exploratory drilling at Lloyd Creek has been made by Target X Mining of Vancouver. As with the previous application by Lehigh Hanson Materials, SDS has once again objected and informed local stakeholders and visitors.

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